One Tip to tell the real performance of high-power lights

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Nowadays, a flashlight with thousands of lumens is quite common, but due to overheating issues, most can only stay in turbo mode for a few seconds. Even if it steps down to a lower level, it won't last long. A few high-quality flashlights, on the other hand, can stay in turbo mode for a few minutes at a few thousand lumens and then light up steadily for hours after stepping down to a lower, but still high lumen output. Do you understand why there is such a significant difference?

Needless to say, PCB is the core of LED lighting.


When it comes to metal core PCB, the first thing that comes to mind is definitely the aluminum substrate, which is most commonly used in ordinary low-power LED. In general, there are three main metal core PCB materials, aluminum-based PCB, copper-based PCB, and iron-based PCB.


In the flashlight application, the aluminum substrate can generally meet the requirements for about a 1W LED lamp. However, with the development of high-power electronics and high-frequency PCB, the requirements for heat dissipation and volume are getting higher and higher, which, however, are unable to be met with the ordinary aluminum substrate.


To offer the most powerful and high-performance lights at the best size, FreasyGears is using copper substrate with a "thermoelectric separation" process on all high-power flashlights and headlamps. The thermal conductivity of copper is about 400W, and the thermoelectric separation" process would further improve the heat dissipation characteristics of copper.


 So what is the copper substrate? What advantages does copper substrate have?  

Firstly, let’s look at the above chart. As you see, heat dissipation needs to go through the insulating thermal conductive material (purple part on the chart), the processing is more convenient, but the thermal conductivity after the insulating thermal conductive material is not so good. So this is only suitable for small power LED lights such as 1-2W.


If the heat dissipation needs of high-frequency PCBs are very high, aluminum substrates and ordinary copper substrates will not meet. Then the thermoelectric separation of copper substrates would work best.

What is a thermoelectric separation copper substrate?

The line part and the thermal layer part of the copper substrate are on different line layers, and the thermal layer part directly touches the heat dissipation part of the lamp beads (such as the right part of the picture above) to achieve the best heat dissipation (zero thermal resistance) effect.


What are the advantages of thermoelectric separation copper substrate?


☑️ Excellent thermal conductivity and heat dissipation;

☑️ Thermoelectric separation structure allows for zero thermal resistance when contacting the lamp beads, reducing light weakness and maximizing LED life;

☑️ High density, the smaller volume under the same power;

☑️ Great for matching single high-power LED, especially COB package, so that the lamps achieve better performance;

☑️ Different structures can be made according to different designs of the lamps. the processing will have the shape of the tab (copper convex block, copper concave block, parallel heat dissipation, etc.). The processing will have a tab shape (copper bump, copper concave block, parallel heat sink, etc).

Definitely, thermoelectric separation copper substrate is great, especially for high-power LED lights. But, is there any shortcoming? Yes, sure, too expensive. However, we believe it is worthwhile.

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