HS6R finished 200m deep cave rescue task

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Update time : 2022-06-08 15:06:26

Date: 2nd June 2022

Address: Muyang Town, Funing County, Wenshan Prefecture, Yunnan Province


A 78-year-old man lost contact with his family for seven days. After searching in vain, the family suspected that he had fallen into the water cave in the village which is formed from nature, so they requested rescue from the Funing County Fire and Rescue Department.


At 7:07 pm on June 2, after Funing County Fire and Rescue Department received the family's request for help, they immediately dispatched one rescue vehicle and six rescuers rushed to the accident site.


Multi-party gathering for rapid response


At 9:15, fire rescue personnel arrived at the scene, the commander then arranged personnel to inspect the scene. The hole is about 15 meters long, and 5 meters wide, the depth of the hole is unclear. After checking the situation, the commander then reported the scene to the detachment command center. At 10:30 a.m., Zhang Bo, deputy head of the detachment full command, dispatched three vehicles and twelve people to the scene while requesting reinforcements from the national mountain rescue Kunming Department at the headquarters. All parties' fire and rescue forces arrived at the scene at 17:30. Because the terrain at the incident site is dangerous, with a high slope and darkness, the rescuers decided to develop a search and rescue program that night before beginning search and rescue work the next day.



Advance survey to determine the location


At 7:20 a.m. on June 3, the commander quickly led the rescue personnel around the cave for a detailed survey, selecting dropping sites and rope protection stations, and cleaning up weeds. At 7:57, rescue operations group for the combat team task division. The first group was composed of two experienced firefighters responsible for ground rope protection and traction, and the second group was composed of three members - a cadre led 2 comprehensive quality attack group members. They dropped along with the cave mouth down and made nine intermediate anchor points with the use of trees and bolts hanging pieces. At 10:05, the attacking team descended to the bottom of the cave at 190 meters and discovered the remains of the missing elderly, who had been confirmed dead. The cave's oxygen is sufficient. There are no abnormal gases, and the cave mud is deep, like a swamp.


xtensive research and judgment for scientific rescue


After surveying the cave clearly, the scene commander quickly determined the rescue program - use double rope technology to land the rescue stretcher at the bottom of the cave, and another rescuer will then climb along the main rope down, and pad cloth on the protruding part of the rock to keep the rope away from wearing. At 13:43, the rescuers fixed the trapped remains on the stretcher, the ground rescue personnel used a T-shaped multiplier system to slowly lift, and another team member was in the bottom of the cave to do traction protection. Finally, the trapped remains successfully reached the ground at 14:56. Immediately thereafter, the cave rescuers climbed up along the rope and retracted all the ropes back. At 16:55, all rescuers returned to the ground sound and safe.

We are proud that as the only headlamp in the rescue, our #HS6R has successfully helped the elderly get home.


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