We will be answering the most commonly asked questions about our products, which include both flashlights and headlamps. We hope that this forum is beneficial and helpful to solve the concerns you may have. Let's get started!


Q: What is the color temperature of the cold white light flashlights’ LED from FreasyGears?

A: The color temperature is about 6000K to 6500K.


Q: How are the lights tested from FreasyGears?

A: Our lights have gone through all tests covered by ANSI standard, which is followed by all premium portable lighting devices manufacturers. Furthermore, FreasyGears has adopted extensive tests with standards higher than ANSI, including Button Lifespan Test, High-low Temperature Test, Salt Spray Test, Vibration Test, Anodizing Thickness Test, Waterproof Test, Impact Resistance and etc.


Q: How does FreasyGears get the datasheet for the lights?

A: FreasyGears randomly tests 10 PCs of each item, and then takes the average.


Q: Can I use 18650 or CR123A for my 21700 flashlights P25, H3, H5, K3, and K3-I8?

A: Yes, you can use either one 18650 battery or two CR123A batteries on these 21700 flashlights. But due to the different sizes, a battery sleeve would be needed when using the CR123A batteries.


Q: How to put batteries in a flashlight?

A: Please kindly follow the below steps for battery installation or replacement:

Step 1

Turn the tail cap clockwise until it pulls away from the flashlight.

Step 2

Insert a new battery with the positive (+) or pointed end facing the light, and the negative (-) or flat end facing the tail.

Step 3

Replace the tail cap by screwing it anticlockwise until it stops moving.

Although all lights from FreasyGears feature intelligent anti-reverse protection, please try to correctly install the battery to ensure normal work.


Q: How to charge my hyper tough flashlight?

A: Our mini flashlight M2 is USB rechargeable and the work headlamp HS6R is TYPE-C rechargeable. For these two items, please follow the below steps for charging:

Step 1

Gently open the rubber cap from the charging port of the light.

Step 2

Plug the small end of the USB cable into the port on your flashlight, and plug the large end into a powered USB port on a 5V adaptor.

Step 3

When you finish the first 2 steps and the red indicator on your flashlight turns red, it means your torch is in charge.


Step 4

When the indicator turns green, it means charging is finished and the light can be back to work.


Step 5

Cover the anti-dust rubber tap on the flashlight.

For other items, there is no charging port on the flashlight, but the battery included is coming with a USB charging port. You can follow steps 2 to 4 as above to easily charge the battery. Surely, you can also charge the battery with a separate smart charger.


Q: Can I use my flashlight during charging?

A: To balance high charging efficiency and user convenience, the light can only be accessed to low output for emergency usage.


Q: Can I put the light on the charger all the time?

A: Generally, there is only a small amount of current transferring when being connected to the charger after the light is fully charged. It has no visible hurt for the battery, but we suggest you remove the flashlight from the charger after the indicator turns green.


Q: Why would my flashlights’ lens get foggy?

A: There are 3 reasons that may lead to the foggy lens. 

1. The heat-conducting glue used contains too much water, which has been vaporized onto the lens by the heating caused by the running light.

2. The assembly environment is a bit too humid.

3. The flashlight becomes hot after running, which makes some vapor get congealed when touching the glass.


Q: My light cannot be turned on?

A: We have a complete and very strict system to ensure high and reliable quality. But in case your light fails to work after transportation or using some time, please kindly check below firstly:

1. Make sure the insulating film between the battery and tail cap has been removed;

2. Make sure the bottom, body, and head are tight;

3. If the issue persists, change out the battery for a fresh set, ensuring that the battery is installed correctly- with the negative(-), flat side facing the spring inside the flashlight;

4. If the problem is still there, please clean and dry the battery poles and contacts with alcohol;

5. If the light still cannot be turned on, please contact us for help.


Q: Why does my torch fail to access Turbo?

All lights from FreasyGears feature overheating protection and low voltage protection to maximum the lifespan of LED and battery.

1. When the light is detected to be overheated, the automatic thermal management would work and step down the output. After the temperature decreases and turns to be safe, you can access Turbo again;

When the battery level is low, to reserve a longer run time, you can not access turbo. Please replace the new battery or fully charge then.


Q: Should I remove the battery from my flashlight when not in use?

A: If the light will not be used for an extended period, you would better remove the battery from the light, or the light could be damaged by electrolyte leakage or battery explosion.


Q: Can the kids use my EDC flashlight?

A: Children who use this product must be under the guidance of adults.


Q: What will happen if I look into my flashlight?

A: Flashlights are probably not going to blind you, and the chance of lights doing any permanent damage is low, however, as high-intensity lighting devices, they are capable of causing eye damage to the user. So, please avoid shining the

flashlight directly into your own or anyone’s eyes.


Q: Is my torch waterproof?

Yes, our lights are IPX-8 waterproof (2 meters underwater). Just warmly remind that please do not put the light with the battery cover opened into the water.


Q: Can I use my lights in cold winter?

A: Our lights can work normally from -30℃ to 50℃. In case you want to use it in extremely cold environments, we suggest you use the frigostabile CR123A battery.


Q: Can I engrave or customize my flashlight?

A: Yes, we can engrave the majority of lights with a logo, text, or image. Please contact us for details.

If you have any suggestions or question for us.Please contact us.