TOP10 questions you should know about flashlights

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A flashlight can not only illuminate us in the darkness but also work as an essential survival tool outdoor or for self-defense. But how much do you know about it? Let us explore more here.


When was the first flashlight invented?

The first flashlight was invented in 1899 by David Misell.


Who invented the flashlight?

English inventor David Misell invented the first flashlight.

How did flashlights get their name?

At the earliest, they were called the “electric hand torch”. Old flashlights did not have an on/off switch, instead, they just had a ring or tab that would push against a button or band of metal. With carbon filament bulbs, fiber pipe housing, and zinc-carbon batteries, they only allow a few seconds of brightness and blackout from time to time due to poor connectivity, so they were nicknamed flashlights.


Why do British people call flashlights “torches”, but Americans call them flashlights? 

This device had never been in Britain because only a few weeks later, Mr.Joseph Swan, who invented bulbs 6 months earlier than Edison, devised a kind of low voltage bulb. Since it did not flicker, it was called "electric torch", which was evolved from the traditional word for a portable light source, such as a burning brand.

Although America adopted the low voltage bulb soon, people did not change their habit and the word "flashlight" was still got reserved till now.


How does a flashlight work?

When the switch is pushed into the ON position, the battery forms a series circuit with the bulb through the switch. When the battery's current passes through the tungsten wire inside of the bulb, the flashlight will give off light. For more details, please check here.


Is there any flashlight that doesn't need batteries?

Yes, there is a type of flashlight that can work without batteries by sharking or pressing. It utilizes the principle that cutting magnetic field lines produces electricity. The iron core inside would do a motion of cutting magnetic lines, which creates a weak current. And this current will be transferred to a large capacitor for storage. Next time when needed, the flashlight will be on by just shaking or pressing.


What batteries do flashlights mostly use?

In general, there are 3 types of batteries for flashlights: 1) alkaline cells including C, D, AA, and AAA, which are common because of their easy access; 2) NiMH batteries are good general-purpose cells, which features low self-discharge and a high number of recharge cycles; 3) lithium batteries including CR123a and CR2, which offer better performance for size compared to alkaline cells; 3) Li-ion batteries such as 18350, 18650, and 21700 that offer excellent performance and the longest runtime. 


How to put batteries in a flashlight?

Firstly, please screw the tail off the flashlight. Then insert the battery into the flashlight tube with positive (+) pointing to the head and negative (-) pointing to the tail. Remember to ensure pointing to the positive and negative pole in the correct direction. After that, replace the tail by screwing it up until it stops moving.


What materials are generally used for the flashlight housing?

Generally, the housing is made of plastic or metal. The plastic components used in flashlight construction are typically injection molded using polystyrene and other durable polymers. For metal flashlights, the most common material is aluminum. However, for better outlooking or higher performance, some manufacturers also make titanium lights, especially titanium EDC flashlight, stainless steel flashlight, brass flashlight, copper EDC flashlight, bronze flashlight, or even Damascus titanium light. Please check here for the detailed cons and pros of each one, so users can just choose what they need or like. 


What is the highest lumen flashlight available now?

World's brightest handheld flashlight till 2021 is 100,000 lumens. Due to the overheating problem, it will only appear instant. 

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