Is it always bad for a flashlight to be hot?

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Update time : 2022-01-23 21:32:57

Is it always bad for a flashlight to be hot? The answer is not necessarily. If it is a low output flashlight that gets hot, then it means short-circuited. But if it’s a high output torch, then a bit hot is very normal.


Among the current lighting sources like laser, low output LED, fluorescent tube, halogen lamp, electric bulb light, the electro-optical conversion efficiency of high output LED is the highest. But among the high output LEDs, even the best electro-optical conversion efficiency is less than 40%. That means, the rest 60% of the electricity that doesn't emit light gets heated.


Additionally, the lost parts of the internal resistance, circuit resistance, control circuit board of the power supply have also produced heat.


Thus, the actual electro-optical conversion efficiency is only about one-third.


Besides, when the light goes through the reflector and lens, there is also a part of loss, which also causes hotness. Thus, when a 10W power supply works, more than 6W would give off heat. The heat must spread out via the shell in time. Otherwise, the internal temperature would rise sharply, which will not only damage the LED but also may cause the battery explosion. Giving off heat timely and efficiently is necessary for the flashlight to keep the chip calm, so as to ensure continuous lighting and maximize the product lifespan.


In addition, because of the rich blood vessels, the human hand is equivalent to a radiator, which can help the flashlight that is a little hot to dissipate heat quickly. So while the slightly hot flashlight gives you light, you also protect it.


Although we've got that being hot is normal for high output flashlights, we would also be suffered from uncomfortable hand feeling caused by the heat when we hold the flashlights. What can we do then? For FreasyGears lights, almost all of them are equipped with high output LEDs. On one hand, we only take premium LEDs from famous suppliers like CREE, Luminus, etc. On the other hand, we have intelligent overheat protection. When the light work on the Turbo mode for a few minutes, it will automatically step down to avoid overheating. Also, when the heat is over the safety data, the output will automatically step down to reduce heat. When the temperature is lower than the safety value, the output will gradually increase.

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