What is a good EDC flashlight?

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What does EDC flashlight mean?

EDC flashlight means everyday carry flashlight. Just as the name implies, it stands for a flashlight that you take along every day in the pocket, or backpack together with the key, mobile phone, wallet, pen, and other necessities. Generally speaking, an EDC flashlight is smaller than the regular one, so it’s easier to be put in the pocket or backpack to work as a convenient light source in the darkness or under emergency.


Do I need a flashlight for EDC?

Flashlights come in handy in lots of situations. When walking down a dark street or to your car at night, they can help you spot potential dangers while still far enough away to gain an advantage. The strobe in a flashlight would temporarily blind the attacker to allow you to gain valuable time to get away. Besides, in case you are lost in a forest or in some emergencies, you would need a way to signal your location. Some flashlights come with special modes such as SOS or beacon would be really helpful. Even without such functions, the light it emits would help you to be located.

You may also think maybe your phone can replace the flashlight. However, you cannot comfortably hold a phone in your mouth as you tinker around in the hood of your car, while it's broken down on the side of the road. And it’s difficult to attack the other to help you get out when something bad happens. Furthermore, when your phone is out of power, then serious problems may happen. While carrying a flashlight along with you, you can save the valuable power for your phone to ensure it’s available when necessary.

Thus, an EDC flashlight is an essential survival tool for you. Whether you use it every day or sporadically, it would make your life easier and safer.


Types of EDC Flashlights

All EDC flashlights are compact and lightweight, so they can easily be put in the pocket, backpack, or on a keychain.

There are 3 most popular EDC flashlight types as below:

1. EDC Keychain Flashlight

Generally, this type means miniature flashlight so it can be easily attached on a keychain to be carried around and used at the moment's notice. The most popular cells that this type uses include LR41, LR44, CR2016, CR2032 and similar or built-in rechargeable batteries.

Because of its ultra compactness, it’s usually weaker than those bigger torches.

2. Micro Pen Light or Pocket Flashlight

This type of flashlights are also compact but often powered by one AAA or AA battery which is affordable and easy to get. Although the intensity and output modes would generally be limited on such lights, they are one of the most popular and reliable EDC flashlights due to the proper battery.

3. Pen Flashlight

This type of EDC flashlight is usually powered by a pair of AAA batteries and comes in the shape of a pen. Due to the slim design, it’s very easy to be put in and out of pocket, which makes it extremely popular for doctors and engineers. They offer convenient illumination for close-range view or reading. Since they are using more batteries, they can provide longer runtime than flashlights powered by a single AAA battery. If you are used to carrying a pen around, it would be a great option for you.


What should I look for in an EDC flashlight?

Whether you’re looking for added convenience when searching through your trunk or walking in a dark street on your own, or in some kind of danger to get out of, an everyday carry flashlight would offer you essential illumination no matter where you are. But what is the best EDC flashlight?

1. Size

The best EDC flashlight is the one you have on you, that can come in handy at any time. Without a doubt, you won’t take a bulky light every day. Thus, the size would be the first factor you need to consider. With only 18.5g weight, 34mm long but 200 lumens, FreasyGears M2 is the smallest most powerful flashlight in the market.

2. Output

How many lumens is enough for EDC? It depends on the application that the light will be used for, meanwhile, it’s closely related to personal preference. Generally speaking, you only need 20 to 200 lumens for close-range illumination. In case you want to use it during nighttime or emergency, then 300 to 1000 lumens would be fine.

3. Power Source

If you are a beginner, we would recommend you take torches driven by AA or AAA battery, which are affordable and very easy to access even in small shops.

Another good option for beginners would be built-in battery powered lights. You can charge it easily by a cable and adaptor or power bank. This is helpful for you to keep your travel pack lighter because you do not have to take extra chargers.

For an advanced user, he can also take the
 flashlight with a rechargeable battery such as 18650 for longer runtime and more powerful performance.

4. User Interface

Everyday carry flashlights are more likely to be used in less-than-ideal circumstances like after an injury or in a survival scenario, which requires the user can utilize the light under stress rapidly and correctly. An EDC flashlight with direct access to Strobe or easy access to Turbo would be helpful. Besides, the memory function would save your time and hassle to allow a fast entry of the output that you used last time.

Furthermore, some EDC torches even have a feature to show the power level left, so as to help the user organize the trip in advance.

The smaller the light, the less real space there is for buttons and switches, which means every inch would be very valuable and needs to be thought out and engineered with purpose. Thus, these extra features are luxury but definitely come in handy if you have them.

5. Carrying Options

The best flashlight is the one you have on you and come in handy when you need it. Thus, the best EDC flashlight should be one that can be easily attached to your keychain, backpack, belt or put in your pocket. That’s why most torches would come with belt clips, lanyards, holsters, or key chains.

Some small flashlights also feature magnetic tail caps, which allow your torch lights to become hands free flashlights. This is extremely helpful in some repair work, such as elevator repairing, car inspecting, or workshop work.

6. Durable Construction

Each gear that travels with you every day has to be very solid and tough. Due to the frequent use, exposure or friction, low-quality gears may become unreliable. Thus, the lights from FreasyGears are using aero-grade ultra-rough aluminum with HAIII hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish, or stronger titanium that is resistant to corrosion and rust.

7. Reliable Performance

As an EDC flashlight, it has to be reliable and capable of handling tasks, no matter when and where. A strong flashlight is not only a small powerful flashlight but also takes reliability and efficiency into consideration. To avoid any possible negative impact on the lifespan, all lights from FreasyGears use an intelligent circuit that includes temperature control and protection, overcharge and over-discharge prevention, low battery warning system, and advanced mode management.

Besides, FreasyGears apply extensive tests with standards higher than ANSI for our full range of lights. For example, all lights from FreasyGears are IPX8 waterproof, 2 meters impact resistant, and capable of working from -30℃ to 50℃. , so as to ensure they can withstand frequent use in all seasons and all weather.

For a reliable and small EDC flashlight, please check here.

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