Factors to Consider When Buying IR Flashlights

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What Is an IR Flashlight?

Infrared flashlights are also called IR flashlights simply. It’s a device designed to emit light that is beyond of normal visible spectral range. From its appearance, it looks like a standard torch, but since it is invisible to naked eyes, people cannot see any light after turning the light on unless with special eyewear or instrument.


Why IR light is invisible to naked eyes?

The human can only see certain wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum. The light that can be seen by human’s naked eyes is considered as visible light. Generally, 490 THz is the lowest frequency and 750nm is the longest wavelength for human eyes, which is the starting point of infrared light. Any light beyond this range longs to infrared. IR light falls outside the range of visible light on the electromagnetic spectrum, that’s why it’s invisible to naked eyes.


What are infrared flashlights used for? 

  • Law Enforcement and Military Operation

When you carry an IR flashlight and turn it on in the darkness, it would not be detected unless with night vision or infrared equipment, which is also called a night vision device(NVD). That’s the most important characteristic of IR flashlights, also that’s the main reason why they would be used by police stations and some government agencies. IR flashlights are used for criminals' observation in trapping action now and have been a necessity in law enforcement.

  • Hunting

Another popular use for infrared flashlights is hunting. With the right night vision device, the hunters could clearly see animals without being exposed, which is very helpful to make their hunting trips safer and more productive.


How do IR torches work?

Generally speaking, there are 3 types of IR illuminators. The first type is integral with vision devices, such as monoculars and goggles designed for walking and traveling at night. The second type is attachable with a vision device, which works separately with its own battery. Forward-looking infrared night vision rifles usually include detachable infrared illuminators. The third type is handheld IR illuminator, which generally refers to IR torches. They generally come with a bigger battery set, which offers a much longer lifespan and runtime. The IR flashlight from some premium brands achieves a much farther beam throw than traditional IR illuminators.


What are the pros and cons of IR flashlights?


☑️ Longer lifespan and runtime

☑️ Farther beam throw (for example, The infrared led flashlights from FreasyGears achieve 350m long range, which is twice as much as that of the traditional IR illuminators).


✖️ Adding extra weight and battery

Factors to Consider When Buying IR Flashlights

If you are looking for an IR torch for your night vision device to improve its performance, remember to check below points which are helpful for you to select out the best one.


The first thing to consider is what you need an IR torch for. Is it for law enforcement and military applications where covert operation is essential? Or is it for hunting and or some general use?


The wavelength of the LED

After the purpose is clear, let us come to the most common factor that tends to be ignored by users - LED wavelength. Generally, the wavelength of infrared light is from 720nm to 950nm. Thereinto, 850 and 940nm are the most popular. The standard for non-military devices is 850nm. The 850nm LED is invisible except for the very faint red glow at the source and most of the cameras are sensitive to it. Overall, the 850nm has a good ratio of range to visibility as well as outstanding compatibility, which makes it an ideal option for hunting and most security applications.

940nm is completely invisible to human eyes so it’s more hidden, which is essential for law enforcement and military tasks. However, the beam distance that 940nm produces is about 40-50% less than that of 850nm, additionally, only a handful of cameras are sensitive to 940nm wavelength, thus, unless you need the IR light for situations where covert action is a must, otherwise, we would recommend you go for 850nm IR flashlights. And if you indeed need an IR940nm, remember to check your camera to ensure compatibility.

Beam Throw

Beam throw means how far the torch can light up. It depends on what activity you go for. Generally, the longer it throws, the bigger the head diameter is. Thus, just weigh the advantage and disadvantages and select based on your requirement.


Get a top-quality flashlight from premium manufacturers such as FreasyGears if you target for a long time using it in the most hassle-free way possible. All lights from FreasyGears are made of aero-grade aluminum with HAIII hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish. Besides, all lights from FreasyGears feature the special double gold-plated springs design, which ensures constantly reliable contact against violent impacts during shooting. 

Weather Ability

IR illuminators are used outdoor, which requests toughness and reliability in all weather. IPX6 waterproof rating would be important, and IPX8 would be a bonus. Also, the light would have to be capable of working in high or low temperatures, rain or snow.

Compatible Accessories

You may need a weapon mounted IR illuminator for military tasks or hunting, so a gun mount and remote switch would be important and helpful.

These are the six main factors to consider before buying the right IR torch. You may need different torches for different applications. Knowing this knowledge would help you select the best infrared flashlight to obtain a clearer visual line without being exposed.

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