How to purchase the best kids flashlight?

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Update time : 2020-07-15 18:35:15
Kids love adventure. To make sure their adventure is safe and pleasant, the flashlight is a necessary tool. Moreover, flashlights can be one of the most useful and powerful weapons for them to conquer the fear of the dark and make them more visible to vehicles on street. This can be especially useful for kids wearing darker clothes. Even at home, a flashlight would be helpful for kids since they are naturally very curious about their surroundings and they learn by exploring them.
However, what to consider before purchasing kids' flashlights? Here are some tips that may help.

What’s the Age of Your Child?

When choosing children's flashlights, its important to consider their age before making a decision because kids of different ages need lights of different parameters and features. Toddlers would prefer flashlights more like toys which need to be safer with less lumen,  easier to use, cuter with lovely shape and color. easy to use, While, unlike toddlers flashlights, teenagers would prefer more powerful and versatile with a rugged design.    

Where will Your Kid be Using the Flashlight?

The purpose of the flashlight is different for everyone. Ask yourself: for what purpose does your kid need a flashlight? Where will he/she be using it? Is it for indoor or outdoor use?
If your kid is going for an outdoor adventure, then waterproof led flashlights of high quality would be a wise choice.
In addition to all these, some other questions you should check before buying include:

What kind of battery?

 Is it easy to access in ordinary shops? USB rechargeable lights would be more convenient to use.

What material?

There are many flashlights available in the market at very low prices. They may be attractive as they are cheaper and looks delicate as well. But make sure never to choose flashlights that may contain any material that might be dangerous for your children. You would be suggested to invest a few dollars for a quality product as it is more reliable and going to last longer. Rugged aluminum or titanium would be a good choice.

Is it a waterproof flashlight?

IPX6 would be necessary for outdoor adventure and IPX8 would be preferred.

How Much is Your Budget?

The next important thing to consider is the budget. If you can spend a little high, then you will be able to get a high-quality flashlight for your kids. If you are thinking about investing in a cheaper option for short-term use, then you should also understand that they are not going to last for a long time and are not that reliable.
If you are looking for a high-quality pocket light for your kids for over 6 years, CYANSKY M2 would be an excellent choice.
♦ Max output
200 lumens with a beam throw 83 meters

♦ Intelligent and extremely
safe circuit design

♦ Built-in battery and USB rechargeable ( 1-hour fast charging

♦ Durable - constructed from anodized aerospace aluminum

IPX8 waterproof (2 meters underwater)

♦ Lightweight - 0.78*1.33 inches and 0.65 oz (even smaller than a key)

♦ Coming with an adjustable lanyard for easy attaching to belt or backpack

For more details, please kindly check
here or Email us. 

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