Buyer’s Guide for the Best Hunting Flashlights

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Buyer’s Guide for the Best Hunting Flashlights


Why do you need a hunting flashlight?


No matter you are an experienced nighttime hunter, or just a starter for a night adventure, carrying a flashlight would be necessary to keep you safe and more productive in the below aspects.



To Illuminate Your Area and Identify Your Prey

In the past, night hunters would mainly rely on their basic sight and intuition when targeting an animal. However, it’s a limitation of humans that we can’t see in the dark, which some animals can. Nowadays, we fully understand how a flashlight would help. It can not only light up your area for moving forward but also allow you to know where is a good direction to shoot at.



To Help you Track the Prey

Animal tracks are extremely important for night hunting. Remember if you miss the animals’ path, probably you’ll miss the game. Obviously, it’s almost impossible to follow the tracks without the aid of a good hunting flashlight.



To Help You Visible for Others

During night hunting, it’s necessary for you to make others aware of your presence in the darkness to ensure your safety. With a hunting light, it would be easy for you to be visible to other hunters nearby to avoid any security risk.

Additionally, in case you need any help in the darkness, a flashlight could work as a survival tool and signal in an emergency to help you out.



To Make Weapons Handling Safer

It’s a significant safety hazard for yourself and others when you handle a loaded weapon in the dark. While a flashlight would be really helpful for you to operate the weapon correctly and safely so as to avoid mishaps or security risks.



To Make Field Dressing Easier

Field dressing is a necessary step in preserving the meat of the animal after you get an animal successfully. And you’d better do this as soon as possible to prevent the growth of bacteria. It would be a tough task without an illumination tool. But with a proper flashlight, you’ll be able to finish this more easily and efficiently even in darkness.



To Move the Prey out of Woods

Probably you’ve been aware of the difficulty in moving forward in the dark forest, Let alone moving through the irregular and chaotic terrains of woods with the bulky prey. A wrong step can cause you a serious injury. Therefore, you need a bright portable torch to help you get out of the woods in a safe and pleasant manner.



Main Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Hunting Flashlight


Beam Throw - How far can I see with a LED Hunting Flashlight?



The beam throw is the most important factor to consider when choosing your hunting flashlight. There are two beam profiles - spot and flood.


A spotlight casts a narrow beam of light, usually no wider than 45 degrees. This beam is more concentrated and easier to point and allows further distance. 


A floodlight can have a beam spread of up to 120 degrees. It can illuminate a larger amount of space with the same wattage and lumen output as a spotlight. This beam is better for close illumination.


During night hunting, you would need a spot beam that is both bright and far enough for long distances to spot your target. Generally, a beam distance of over 1,000 feet would be preferred.



Lighting Color

White is the most common color during illumination. It allows high lumen and is good to use in most cases, but not always. Most hunters know that white light would be likely to spook and scare away the target. Since some animals can’t detect red or green colors, the red and green hunting flashlight becomes preferred by hunters.



What is a flashlight with red light for?

Red lighting is common among all of the top predators because unlike hogs, they are much harder to trick. However, most of them are invisible for red lighting, which is their weakness that you can take full advantage, so as to maximize your chances at harvesting predators while hunting.


Why do hunters choose a green hunting light? 

Green lighting is the preferred choice among hog hunters because hogs are typically darker in color and the green light contrasts and illuminates their bodies easier than red light does.


Can deer see the red light?

No. Deer have protanopia and only have green and blue cones, which makes them red-green colorblind.

Thus, both green and red hunting light is good choice for deer hunting.


Can hogs see green light?

No. Hogs can't see green lights because the wavelength in green light is higher than the normal wavelength that a hog can see.


Besides, some hunters would choose IR flashlights, which is invisible and generally works with night vision device. With an infrared flashlight, you can clearly see the prey without being exposed and attacked.



Compatibility with Shotguns



A hunting flashlight should be compatible with shotguns or rifles, which allows the hunter to simultaneously aim a weapon and illuminate the target. Many manufacturers offer gun mounts and remote switches, which can be purchased as a complete hunting kit.



The Best Hunting Flashlights from FreasyGears



H5 is a 1300 lumen 600m long-range flashlight specially designed for hunting, shooting, and searching. The unique built-in filter patent allows extremely easy switching of red, green, and white lighting just by rotating the unique ring. So, no extra mounting of filters is needed anymore. No worry about filters losing anymore!


Additionally, H5 is made of aero-grade T6061-T6 aluminum with type HAIII hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish housing, which allows it to be a hyper tough flashlight for harsh environments. The long beam flashlight H5 is also compatible with gun mounts and the remote switch, which allows it to be a great weapon-mounted hunting flashlight. 



The 1300 lumen 400m hunting flashlight H3 also features the built-in filter patent, which allows extremely easy switching among white, red, and green lighting without extra mounting of filters. Compared with H5, H3 is smaller and more compact. If you are standing while shooting or just want to maximize your comfort and streamline your weapon’s profile, H3 would be a great choice.



The 21700 flashlight K3 is a super long-range tactical torch especially designed for hunting, law enforcement, or other tactical activities in a portable size. Equipped with Luminus' latest SFT-40-W LED, the palm-sized K3 can reach a maximum of 600 meters/1968 feet beam distance with 1600 lumens.


If you are looking for the longest beam distance flashlight with portable size, and white lighting is enough for you, K3 would be your best rifle light for hunting.




K3-I8 is an invisible 850nm IR light with a 350m long beam throw. If you want a torch but need to keep covert, then that’s just what you need.



Comparison among the Hunting Flashlights


Items Peak Distance Lighting Color Max Lumen Batteries Dimension Weight Waterproof Rating Impact Resistance Gun Mounts & Remote Switch
H5 600m/1968ft. White, Red, Green 1,300



D-1"* head- 2.52"*L-7.16" 10.16 oz IPX-8 2m Yes
H3 400m/1312ft. White, Red, Green 1,300



D-1"* head- 1.63"*L-6.5" 5.85 oz IPX-8 2m Yes
K3 600m/1968ft. White 1,600



D-1"* head- 1.57"*L-5.94" 4.69 oz IPX-8 2m Yes
K3-I8 350m/1148ft. IR  



D-1"* head- 1.57"*L-5.85" 4.17 oz IPX-8 2m Yes
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